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Alternative Inground Pools

Pool Sizes:

15' Round 15 x 24 Oval
18' Round 15 x 30 Oval
21' Round 17 x 32 Oval
24' Round  
28' Round  

Put a smile on your face not a dent in your wallet. If the cost of a pool project has been delaying your decision, this alternative pool might be the answer.

This pool is available in both round or oval shapes with a safe swimming depth for novice or expert swimmers. The Rivera Hybrid is available as an in ground, partial in ground, or on ground pool depending on your budget. All backed by a lifetime warrantee. The “Rivera” walls are load bearing for use in any installation. Need to exercise and swim laps? Take a look at the option of a resistance swim machine that allows casual swimming or training for your next Ironman competition.

The Riviera Hybrid can adapt to any back yard situation. Sloped yards, high water tables… . no  problem.

 Call us today for a price, We’ll quote you right over the phone.

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